Changing the Way I Handle Christmas Changed My Life

Not having any children and not having my parents in my life any longer has made holidays really tough for me. Each year, I put up a Christmas tree and put a few gifts underneath the tree that I will later give to my friends. But on Christmas Day I am usually alone. This year I wanted to do things differently. I searched through luxury Vail rentals and found the best cabin to rent. It has a fireplace in the living room, kitchen and even in the bedrooms. It has plate glass windows and a deck that looks out over the mountains with a gorgeous view. I knew that it would be more special than staying home alone.

What I didn’t know about my upcoming trip, it said I would meet the person that I would later marry on that trip. Not knowing how to cement that I needed to take a class with you. The very first day that I showed up for my first class, I was a little shy. I thought that I was going to look foolish and stumble around on my skis. But the instructor, who happens to be a very handsome man, saw that I was struggling and spent extra time to help me to learn what I needed to do correctly so that I could see. When I came to the second class you told me that I was ready to start doing some basic skiing. I didn’t want the class to end. He later asked me out.

I spent time skiing, talking with and loving every minute with this man during my trip. He was polite and respectful. He came to see me each day and he showed me the town where he makes his living. I ended up moving here after we got engaged. I now help him with the business side of his classes. I never knew that making a change with one single holiday would change my life forever.